The Undead are a collection of those who have defied death - skeleton puppets, flesh-obsessed ghouls, bloodthirsty vampires and their hideous mutant progeny. This rag-tag alliance share one thing in common: a hatred of life. They will seize every opportunity to snuff it out, or drag it kicking and screaming into the shadow of undeath.

Extremely hard to kill, the Undead are constantly bolstering their ranks with more corpses. The Undead tend to live in fetid swamps, where the cloying humid air acts a natural preservative, protecting the skin from rot. Vampires are a vain lot.

Racial Spell Description Category Duration
Parasitic Hunger +20% conversion rate, afflicts your enemies with Plague Self 12 hours
Necromantic Ritual Kills 2% of enemy peasants, converting 5% into Progeny War --

Home land


Race Perk Value
Max population +15%
Mana production +10%
Food consumption -75%
Immortal wizards Yes

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Dire Bat 2.5 0 Offensive specialist.

Almost never dies.

No boats needed.
225 platinum
Ghoul 0 2.5 Defensive specialist.

-75% casualties.
225 platinum
Progeny 2 4 Defensive elite.

Converts enemy peasants into Ghouls (up to one for every 18 sent on attack).

-75% casualties.

No boats needed.
835 platinum
Vampire 4 3 Offensive elite.

Almost never dies.

Converts enemy peasants into Progenies (up to one for every 18 sent on attack).

No boats needed.
1000 platinum