The tech tree is a map of advancements that your dominion obtain as you reach appropriate levels of research points.

The base cost of each advancement is 2.5x highest land achieved and increases by 100 after each unlock (min 3750). Most advancements require unlocking another before you can select them. Please consult the tech tree below.

If you pick a tech that has the same bonus as another tech, you will receive the total bonus from both.

More information can be found on the wiki.

Technological Advances

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Total Bonuses

Technological Advances

Name Description Requires one of
Granaries +2.5% food production -
Planar Emissaries +5% mana production Granaries,
Green Thumb,
Banker's Friend
Green Thumb +5% lumber production Planar Emissaries,
Aquaponics +7.5% food production,
-10% enemy fireball damage
Green Thumb,
Midas's Bargain,
Miser's Grasp
Midas's Bargain +2% platinum production Aquaponics,
Industrial Machinery,
Sleeper Agents
Industrial Machinery +5% lumber production,
+5% ore production
Midas's Bargain,
Siege Weaponry
Siege Weaponry +20% wonder damage Industrial Machinery,
Sneaky Spies,
Explorer's Instinct
Sneaky Spies +10% resources gained from theft,
-15% spy losses on failed operations
Siege Weaponry,
Arcane Bloodlines,
Wizard Nexus
Arcane Bloodlines -5% cost of spies,
-15% cost of wizards
Sneaky Spies,
Frugal Foragers
Frugal Foragers -2.5% food consumption Arcane Bloodlines,
Explorer's Intuition
Reforestation -10% construction lumber cost -
Surplus Management -10% food decay,
-10% lumber rot,
-10% mana drain
Miner's Spirit,
Banker's Friend
Banker's Friend +15% better exchange rates Planar Emissaries,
Surplus Management,
Ancient Mines,
Prefabrication -10% construction platinum cost Banker's Friend,
Miser's Grasp
Miser's Grasp -25% resources lost to theft,
+10% defensive spy power
Sleeper Agents +1% maximum population,
-7.5% spy losses on failed operations
Midas's Bargain,
Master of Efficiency
Explorer's Instinct -5% construction platinum cost,
-2.5% exploring platinum cost
Siege Weaponry,
Master of Efficiency
Wizard Nexus +1 wizard strength per hour Sneaky Spies,
Pastoral Planner
Preservationist -15% food decay,
-15% lumber rot,
-15% mana drain
Wizard Nexus,
Explorer's Intuition
Explorer's Intuition -2.5% exploring platinum cost,
-1 draftee per acre explore cost (min 6)
Frugal Foragers,
Architect's Touch,
Fearless Adventurers
Architect's Touch -2.5% construction platinum cost Reforestation,
Explorer's Intuition,
Mana Pools
Miner's Spirit +5% ore production Surplus Management,
Shipwright's Ingenuity
Ancient Mines +2.5% gem production Banker's Friend,
Trick of the Light
Urg Smash Technique +7.5% lumber production,
+25% of destroyed buildings can be rebuilt at a discount
Dark Pact
Dark Pact +10% mana production,
+5% wizard power
Urg Smash Technique,
Miser's Grasp
Master of Efficiency -1.75% military training cost Sleeper Agents,
Explorer's Instinct
Pastoral Planner +1.5% maximum population Wizard Nexus,
Explorer's Guile -2 draftee per acre explore cost (min 6),
-7.5% exploring platinum cost
Architect's Flourish
Fearless Adventurers -50% exploring morale drop Explorer's Intuition,
Anti-Magic Sigils
Mana Pools -10% cost of spells Architect's Touch,
Night Watch
Shipwright's Ingenuity +12.5% boat production Miner's Spirit,
Trick of the Light,
Weather Manipulation
Trick of the Light Fool's Gold now protects ore/lumber/mana Ancient Mines,
Shipwright's Ingenuity,
Opulence +2.5% gem production,
+7.5% ore production
Trick of the Light,
Midas's Fountain
Midas's Fountain +4% platinum production Opulence
Menace +2 mana production per tower,
+1.5 mana production per tower for each war relation (max 2)
Pastoral Planner
Architect's Flourish -10% construction platinum cost Explorer's Guile,
Anti-Magic Sigils
Anti-Magic Sigils -1 black op spell duration Fearless Adventurers,
Night Watch
Night Watch -25% draftees lost in assassination attempts,
-25% wizards lost in assassination attempts,
-25% enemy disband spies damage
Mana Pools,
Anti-Magic Sigils,
Ross' Benevolence
Weather Manipulation -12.5% enemy lightning bolt damage,
+2.5% food production
Shipwright's Ingenuity,
Lumberjack's Devotion,
Urban Planner
Lumberjack's Devotion -10% construction lumber cost,
-20% lumber rot,
+2 population from barren land
Weather Manipulation,
Master of Resources
Master of Resources -1.75% military training cost Lumberjack's Devotion,
Jeweller's Delight
Avatar of Ares +2.5% offensive power,
+7.5% wizard power
Surveyor's Sense
Master of Discipline -1.75% military training cost Dark Artistry,
Visionary Expansionist
Dark Artistry +1 spy strength per hour,
+1 wizard strength per hour
Master of Discipline,
Ross' Benevolence
Ross' Benevolence -1% platinum tax from Royal Guard Night Watch,
Dark Artistry,
Survivalist Mentality
Urban Planner +1.5% maximum population Weather Manipulation,
Reinforced Bulwarks
Jeweller's Delight +2.5% gem production,
-5% cost of self spells
Master of Resources,
Reinforced Bulwarks
WaveHack's Expertise -5% construction platinum cost,
-10% construction lumber cost,
+3 boat capacity
Spy Network,
Field Surgery
Surveyor's Sense -12.5% rezoning platinum cost Avatar of Ares,
Ares' Favor
Visionary Expansionist +1% maximum population,
+15% population growth
Master of Discipline,
Survivalist Mentality +7.5% increased prestige gains,
-5% casualties
Ross' Benevolence,
Reinforced Bulwarks +30% bonus to harbor investment,
+30% bonus to spires investment
Urban Planner,
Jeweller's Delight,
Tributary System
Spy Network +1 spy strength per hour WaveHack's Expertise,
Tributary System,
Battle Commanders
Field Surgery +0.75% maximum population,
-7.5% casualties
WaveHack's Expertise
Ares' Favor +2.5% offensive power Surveyor's Sense,
Bunk Beds,
Public Baths
Rations +2 population from barren land,
-2.5% food consumption
Visionary Expansionist,
Survivalist Mentality,
Public Baths
Tributary System +60% food production from prestige Reinforced Bulwarks,
Spy Network,
Centralized Intelligence
Battle Commanders -7.5% casualties Spy Network,
Carpenter's Knowhow
Bunk Beds +2 barracks housing Ares' Favor,
Carpenter's Knowhow
Public Baths +30% population growth Ares' Favor,
Ancestral Knowledge
Centralized Intelligence -15% cost of spies,
-5% cost of wizards
Tributary System,
Military Culture
Carpenter's Knowhow -5% construction platinum cost Battle Commanders,
Bunk Beds,
Military Culture,
Surveyor's Insight
Ancestral Knowledge -25% cost of racial spells Public Baths,
Surveyor's Insight
Military Culture +5% increased prestige gains Centralized Intelligence,
Carpenter's Knowhow,
Battle Tactics
Surveyor's Insight -7.5% rezoning platinum cost Carpenter's Knowhow,
Ancestral Knowledge,
Battle Tactics
Battle Tactics -5% casualties -