The tech tree is a map of advancements that your dominion obtain as you reach appropriate levels of research points.

The cost of each advancement scales according to your highest land size or 35% of your total land conqured (whichever is higher) with a minimum of 3780 points. Some advancements require others before you can select them. Please consult the tech tree below.

If you pick a tech that has the same, but higher, bonus as another tech, as several do, only the highest technology bonus counts. It overrides the lesser bonus (they do not stack).

More information can be found on the wiki.

Technological Advances

Name Description Requires
Commander's Insight +10% fewer casualties on offense -
Tactician +10% fewer casualties on defense -
Military Genius +5% offensive power Commander's Insight,
Caravan Leader -5% exploring platinum cost -
Explorer's Intuition -1 draftee per acre explore cost (min 3) -
Explorer's Luck -10% exploring platinum cost, -2 draftee per acre explore cost (min 3) Caravan Leader,
Explorer's Intuition
Sleight of Hand -20% spy losses on failed operations -
Darkness Walker -20% cost of spies -
Spy Master +1 spy strength per hour Sleight of Hand,
Darkness Walker
Magician's Apprentice -10% cost of spells -
Magician's Awe -20% cost of wizards -
Master of Magi +1 wizard strength per hour Magician's Apprentice,
Magician's Awe
Farmer's Growth +10% food production -
Miner's Refining +5% gem production -
Banker's Foresight +5% platinum production Farmer's Growth,
Miner's Refining
Mason's Art -10% construction platinum cost -
Forester's Touch -10% rezoning platinum cost -
Urban Planner +2% maximum population Mason's Art,
Forester's Touch
Fruits of Labor +20% lumber production, +20% ore production, +10% gem production Banker's Foresight,
Urban Planner
Dark Artistry +3 spy strength per hour, +3 wizard strength per hour Spy Master,
Master of Magi
Urban Mastery +6% maximum population Urban Planner,
Explorer's Luck
Treasure Hunt +12.5% platinum production Spy Master,
Banker's Foresight
Magical Weaponry +10% offensive power, +15% wizard power Master of Magi,
Military Genius
Conqueror's Crafts -30% construction platinum cost, -30% rezoning platinum cost Military Genius,
Urban Planner
Master of Resources -10% military training cost Explorer's Luck,
Banker's Foresight
Tactical Battle +25% fewer casualties on offense, +25% fewer casualties on defense Spy Master,
Military Genius
Enchanted Lands -20% exploring platinum cost, +15% mana production Master of Magi,
Explorer's Luck