Magic will let your wizards cast a variety of spells, giving temporary bonuses, information or damaging your enemies.

All spells cost mana, which is produced by towers. The cost of each spell is based on a multiplier of your land size.

Self spell bonuses of the same type do not stack. Only the highest bonus will be applied.

More information can be found on the wiki.



Race(s) Cost multiplier Duration (hours) Description
Clear Sight -- 0.5x -- Reveal status screen
Disclosure -- 0.5x -- Reveal heroes
Revelation -- 1x -- Reveal active spells
Vision -- 0.5x -- Reveal technology



Race(s) Cost multiplier Duration (hours) Description
Amplify Magic -- 0.5x 6 Increases the mana cost of your next non-cooldown self spell by 100%, but increases duration by 50%
Ares' Call -- 2.5x 12 +10% defensive power
Energy Mirror -- 4x 12 20% chance to reflect incoming offensive spells
Fool's Gold -- 1x 10 Platinum theft protection, 20 hour recharge
Gaia's Watch -- 2x 12 +10% food production
Harmony -- 2.5x 12 +50% population growth
Midas Touch -- 2.5x 12 +10% platinum production
Mining Strength -- 2x 12 +10% ore production
Surreal Perception -- 3x 12 Reveals the dominion casting spells or committing spy ops against you
Alchemist Flame Firewalker 5x 12 +15 alchemy platinum production
Alchemist Frost Icekin 5x 12 +15% platinum production
Bloodrage Orc 5x 12 +10% offensive power, 10% offensive casualties
Crusade Human 5x 12 +10% offensive power
Cull the Weak Undead 3x 12 Sacrifice 10% of your peasants (while active, the effects of Harmony and Plague are ignored), Necromancers now convert enemy peasants into Death Knights instead of Ghouls
Delve into Shadow Dark Elf 5x 12 Exploring platinum cost reduced by 1% per 100 Wizard Mastery, Failed and reflected spells refund 50% of their mana cost
Erosion Lizardfolk, Merfolk 5x 12 20% of captured land re-zoned into water
Favorable Terrain Nomad 5x 12 +1% offensive power for every 1% barren land (max +10%)
Feral Hunger Lycanthrope 5x 12 Werewolves convert enemy peasants into Werewolves (up to one for every 15 sent on attack)
Frenzy Halfling 5x 12 -35% casualties
Gaia's Blessing Wood Elf 5x 12 +20% food production, +10% lumber production
Howling Kobold, Kobold 5x 12 +10% offensive power, +10% defensive power
Killing Rage Goblin 5x 12 +10% offensive power
Miner's Sight Dwarf, Gnome 5x 12 +20% ore production, Ore production immune to Earthquake
Nightfall Nox 5x 12 +5% offensive power
Raise the Dead Undead 2x 12 Conversions increased by 60% against dominions in The Graveyard under 75% of your size
Regeneration Troll 5x 12 -25% casualties
Unholy Ghost Spirit 5x 12 Enemy draftees do not participate in battle
Verdant Bloom Sylvan 5x 12 35% of captured land re-zoned into forest



Race(s) Cost multiplier Duration (hours) Description
Cyclone -- 2x -- Deals damage to wonders



Race(s) Cost multiplier Duration (hours) Description
Disband Spies -- 4.3x -- Turns 1.5% of enemy spies into draftees, Scales by day in round from 137.5% to 62.5%
Fireball -- 3.3x -- Kills 2.75% peasants, Destroys 2.75% crops
Lightning Bolt -- 3.5x -- Destroys 0.4% science, Destroys 0.4% keep, Destroys 0.4% forges, Destroys 0.4% walls, Scales by day in round from 137.5% to 62.5%
Miasma Nox 3x 6 -5% wizard power, +50% mana drain



Race(s) Cost multiplier Duration (hours) Description
Earthquake -- 3x 8 -5% gem production, -5% ore production
Great Flood -- 3x 8 -25% boat production
Insect Swarm -- 3x 8 -15% food production
Plague -- 3x 8 -50% population growth