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Magic will let your wizards cast a variety of spells, giving temporary bonuses, information or damaging your enemies.

All spells cost mana, which is produced by towers. The cost of each spell is based on a multiplier of your land size.

More information can be found on the wiki.



Cost multiplier Duration (hours)
Ares' Call   2.5x 12 +10% defensive power
Energy Mirror   4x 12 20% chance to reflect incoming offensive spells for 12 hours
Fool's Gold   5x 10 Platinum theft protection for 10 hours, 20 hour recharge
Gaia's Watch   2x 12 +10% food production
Harmony   2.5x 12 +50% population growth
Midas Touch   2.5x 12 +10% platinum production
Mining Strength   2x 12 +10% ore production
Surreal Perception   3x 12 Reveals the dominion casting offensive spells or committing spy ops against you for 12 hours


Information gathering

Cost multiplier Duration (hours)  
Clear Sight 0.5x -- Reveal status screen
Revelation 1x -- Reveal active spells
Vision 0.5x -- Reveal tech and heroes


Black Ops

Cost multiplier Duration (hours)  
Disband Spies 4.3x -- Turns spies into draftees
Earthquake 3x 8 Slows mine production
Fireball 3x -- Kills peasants and destroys crops
Great Flood 3x 8 Slows boat production
Insect Swarm 3x 8 Slows food production
Lightning Bolt 3.5x -- Destroys resources invested in castle
Plague 3x 8 Slows population growth
Cyclone 3x -- Deals damage to a wonder



Race(s) Cost multiplier Duration (hours)
Alchemist Flame Firewalker 5x 12 +15 alchemy platinum production
Blizzard Icekin 5x 12 +15% defensive power (not cumulative with Ares Call)
Bloodrage Orc 5x 12 +10% offensive power, +10% offensive casualties
Crusade Human, Nomad 5x 12 +5% offensive power and allows you to kill Spirit/Undead
Defensive Frenzy Halfling 5x 12 +20% defensive power (not cumulative with Ares Call)
Erosion Lizardfolk, Merfolk 5x 12 20% of captured land re-zoned into water
Gaia's Blessing Wood Elf 5x 12 +20% food production (not cumulative with Gaia's Watch), +10% lumber production
Howling Kobold 5x 12 +10% offensive power, +10% defensive power (not cumulative with Ares Call)
Killing Rage Goblin 5x 12 +10% offensive power
Mechanical Genius 5x 12 30% reduction of re-zoning costs
Miner's Sight Dwarf, Gnome 5x 12 +20% ore production (not cumulative with Mining Strength) and protection from Earthquake
Nightfall Nox 5x 12 +5% offensive power
Parasitic Hunger Lycanthrope, Spirit, Undead 5x 12 +50% conversion rate
Regeneration Troll 5x 12 -25% combat losses
Unholy Ghost Dark Elf 5x 12 Enemy draftees do not participate in battle
Verdant Bloom Sylvan 5x 12 35% of captured land re-zoned into forest
Warsong 5x 12 +10% offensive power