Trapped between the realm of the living and what lies beyond, Spirits are a melancholic collection of lost souls, drifting the swamplands, forever restless.

Lately, Spirit incursions into the territories of the living have become more frequent, though nobody knows why. With soul-rending wails, Spirits can strike fear in the hearts of those unprepared to face such horrors, sending many fleeing in terror before the battle even begins.

Racial Spell Description Category Duration
Unholy Ghost Enemy draftees do not participate in battle Self 12 hours

Home land


Race Perk Value
Food consumption -90%
Mana production +15%
Immortal wizards Yes

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Banshee 3 0 Offensive specialist.

No boats needed.
300 platinum, 10 mana
Geist 0 3 Defensive specialist.

Almost never dies.
300 platinum, 10 mana
Phantom Knight 3 5 Defensive elite.

-50% defensive casualties.

No boats needed.
1000 platinum, 30 mana
Spectral Warrior 6 0 Offensive elite.

Almost never dies when attacking dominions 75%+ of your size.

No boats needed.
1150 platinum, 40 mana