An aquatic race that lives in beautiful coral reefs where food is plentiful, Merfolk are the benevolent guardians of the great oceans.

Though typically peaceful, Merfolk are legendary for their wrath when angered, summoning terrors of the deep to destroy entire naval fleets with the thrashing tentacles of ravenous krakens. The chilling and alluring call of the psiren might be the last thing you ever hear... before you're snatched from your ship and dragged down to the bottom of the cold, dark sea.

Home land


Racial Spell

Erosion: 20% of captured land re-zoned into water

Race Perk Value
Lumber production -15%
Food production +15%
Offensive power +5%

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Merman 3 0 Offensive specialist.

No boats needed.
Siren 0 3 Defensive specialist. 300p
Leviathan 0 7 Defensive elite.

Sinks boats when defending.
Kraken 4 2 Offensive elite.

Sinks boats when attacking.

No boats needed.