Slow, lumbering elementals of frost and stone, Icekin emerged from the snow-capped mountains at the same time Human pyromancy experiments gave birth to the Firewalkers.

The creeping cold of the Icekin expands ever outwards, insistent, transforming the lands around them with white permafrost and hijacking the weather with never-ending blizzards. Icekin can become an immense military threat once they become well fortified.

Race Perk Value
Food consumption -50%
Lumber production -10%
Archmage cost -100p
Defensive power +5%
Racial Spell Category Duration
Alchemist Frost: +15% platinum production Self 12 hours
Home Land


Attacker: Advanced
Explorer: Beginner
Converter: Intermediate

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Icebeast 3 0 Offensive specialist. 300 platinum
Snow Witch 0 3 Defensive specialist.

Reduces combat losses.
350 platinum, 25 ore
FrostMage 3 3 Defensive elite.

Defense increased by 1 for every 20% mountains (max +3).
965 platinum, 100 ore
Ice Elemental 4 2 Offensive elite.

Offense increased by 1 * Raw Wizard Ratio (max +3).
1100 platinum