Among the youngest of the races, the Human empire rose swiftly and against the odds. Humans proved to be not only capable warriors, but also skilled smiths, clever engineers and above all, adaptable. Their homeland destroyed decades ago, Humans seek to rebuild and reclaim their legacy as a dominant race.

Humans are generally proficient in everything they set their mind to, but masters of no single discipline.

Racial Spell Description Category Duration
Crusade +10% offensive power Self 12 hours

Home land


Race Perk Value
Food production +5%

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Spearman 3 0 Offensive specialist. 275 platinum, 25 ore
Archer 0 3 Defensive specialist. 275 platinum, 15 ore
Knight 2 6 Defensive elite.

-25% casualties.
1000 platinum, 75 ore
Cavalry 6 3 Offensive elite.

Returns 3 hours faster from battle.
1250 platinum, 100 ore