Halflings are strange little creatures, short and slight, caught somewhere between a human child and an elf in appearance, with oversized hands and long, dexterous fingers. They are almost completely nocturnal, with pale white skin and wet black eyes that shine a sickly green in the dark.

Halfling physiology makes them natural spies and thieves. Halflings can be very dangerous - particularly in groups, flying into a violent frenzy when cornered.

Racial Spell Description Category Duration
Frenzy -35% casualties Self 12 hours

Home land


Race Perk Value
Max population +5%
Spy power +25%
Food consumption -30%
Population from barren land +5
Defensive power +10%

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Slinger 3 0 Offensive specialist. 275 platinum, 15 ore
Defender 0 3 Defensive specialist. 300 platinum
Master Thief 2 4 Defensive elite.

Each unit counts as 0.2 of a spy on offense.

Each unit counts as 0.25 of a spy on defense.
900 platinum, 30 ore
Staff Master 5 3 Offensive elite. 900 platinum, 25 ore