Small in stature but great in number, Goblins are a vicious and single-minded breed that prefer to take down their enemies with overwhelming numbers - and then steal all the shinies.

Goblin populations can grow quickly out of control if left unchecked, and these short, snot-green wretches have been known to completely ransack well-fortified castles in their relentless pursuit of gems, gems and more gems.

Racial Spell Description Category Duration
Killing Rage +10% offensive power Self 12 hours

Home land


Race Perk Value
Max population +20%
Gem investment +20%

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Raider 3 0 Offensive specialist. 325 platinum, 25 ore
Shaman 0 3 Defensive specialist.

Reduces combat losses.
375 platinum, 15 ore
Hobgoblin 5 3 Offensive elite.

Each unit plunders 20 platinum on attack (max 1 hour of target's raw production).

Each unit plunders 5 gems on attack (max 1 hour of target's raw production).
1025 platinum, 80 ore
Wolf Rider 6 2 Offensive elite.

Returns 3 hours faster from battle.
1300 platinum, 110 ore