Gnomes are the masters of the mechanical, always tinkering with their latest inventions. Though much of their genius is applied to improve the lives of their citizens, it also lends a significant shock and awe factor to their military.

With great hulking juggernauts of cogs and steel they are intimidating despite their small statures, and the bigger the enemy the harder they fight. Their unpredictably explosive infantry squads make taking on any Gnomish army an unnerving experience.

Racial Spell Description Category Duration
Miner's Sight +20% ore production, Ore production immune to Earthquake Self 12 hours

Home land


Race Perk Value
Offensive power +7.5%
Max population -5%
Food consumption -20%
Gem production +5%
Population from barren land +5

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Suicide Squad 4 0 Offensive specialist.

ALWAYS suffers 50% casualties.
200 platinum, 50 ore
Tinker 0 3 Defensive specialist. 300 platinum, 5 ore
Rockapult 2 4 Defensive elite.

Defense increased by 1 for every 20% mountains (max +2).
675 platinum, 330 ore
Juggernaut 6 3 Offensive elite.

Offense increased by 0.5 against dominions 75%+ of your size.

Offense increased by 1 against dominions 85%+ of your size.
750 platinum, 550 ore