War to an Orc is considered a basic necessity, like food or shelter. Orcs live for the fight and the only thing they respect is violence. Despite the unending carnage that underpins Orc existence, they are quite capable of thriving as long as they have a common foe, but will quickly turn on each other during prolonged periods of peace.

Orcs advance in their society by killing, and killing a lot. They will often claim skulls as trophies from their victims, and the Orcs with the rarest trophies are revered. These gruesome trophies are also crucial in the vile necromantic rituals performed by Orc voodoo magi, which grant their savage warriors the cumulative strength of their fallen enemies.

Home land


Racial Spell

Bloodrage: +10% offensive power, +10% offensive casualties

Race Perk Value
Food consumption +20%
Lumber production +50%
Prestige gains +10%

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Savage 4 0 Offensive specialist. 375 platinum
Guard 0 3 Defensive specialist. 300 platinum, 25 ore
Voodoo Mage 0 3 Defensive elite.

Defense increased by 1 for every 500 prestige (max +2).

Reduces combat losses.
830 platinum
Bone Breaker 7 2 Offensive elite.

Offense decreased by 1 for every 10% guard_towers of defender (max -1).
1075 platinum, 105 ore