Nomads are a rogue faction of the Human empire. Where Humans sought to rebuild and re-establish themselves in their homeland, Nomads determined that the key to their survival was to stay on the move, to be nimble, and to always be one step ahead of the enemy.

Over time, the old allegiances turned to bitter rivalries, and the Nomads are now considered enemies of the Human empire, often clashing over resources.

Home land


Racial Spell

Crusade: +5% offensive power and allows you to kill Spirit/Undead

Race Perk Value
Mana production +10%

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Fighter 3 0 Offensive specialist. 275p, 25r
Crossbowman 0 3 Defensive specialist. 275p, 15r
Blademaster 2 6 Defensive elite.

25% fewer casualties.
1,025p, 75r
Valkyrie 6 3 Offensive elite.

Returns 3 hours faster from battle.
1,225p, 100r