Slow, lumbering elementals of frost and stone, Icekin emerged from the snow-capped mountains as a counterweight to unnatural the pyromancy experiments that created the Firewalkers.

Their creeping cold expands ever outwards, insistent, transforming the lands around them with a white permafrost and hijacking the weather with seemingly never-ending blizzards. Icekin can become an immense military threat once they become well fortified.

Home land


Racial Spell

Blizzard: +15% defensive strength (not cumulative with Ares Call)

Race Perk Value
Food consumption -50%
Lumber production -10%
Archmage cost -175p

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Icebeast 3 0 Offensive specialist. 300p
Snow Witch 0 3 Defensive specialist.

Reduces combat losses.
350p, 25r
FrostMage 3 3 Defensive elite.

Defense increased by 1 for every 20% mountains (max +3).
850p, 100r
Ice Elemental 4 2 Offensive elite.

Offense increased by 1 * Raw Wizard Ratio (max +3).