Small in stature but great in number, Goblins are a vicious and single-minded breed that prefer to take down their enemies with overwhelming numbers - and then steal all the shinies.

Goblin populations can grow quickly out of control if left unchecked, and these short, green and ugly wretches have been known to completely ransack well-fortified castles in their relentless pursuit of gems, gems and more gems.

Home land


Racial Spell

Killing Rage: +10% offensive power

Race Perk Value
Max population +20%
Population from barren land +5
Gem production +10%
Castle bonuses +10%

Military Units

Unit OP DP Perks Cost
Raider 3 0 Offensive specialist. 325p, 25r
Shaman 0 3 Defensive specialist.

Reduces combat losses.
375p, 15r
Hobgoblin 5 3 Offensive elite.

Plunders resources on attack.
1,000p, 80r
Wolf Rider 6 2 Offensive elite.

Returns 3 hours faster from battle.
1,300p, 130r